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A good story can unlock just about any door.


As Lead Copywriter at Rally On Media, I've had the pleasure of helping hundreds of founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs tell their stories. From complicated medical devices, to super cars, hot sauces, and everything in between—the pitches I've crafted have gone on to raise well over $100M on equity crowdfunding platforms like StartEngine and WeFunder.

My role is simple yet profound: to uncover the core narrative that motivates a business and its team, then craft that insight into clear, compelling messaging that resonates with investors. 


Whether it's explaining a groundbreaking technology or reigniting excitement around a beloved consumer brand, I specialize in distilling complex ideas into punchy, memorable pitches that get people invested--both financially and emotionally.

With nearly a decade of experience screenwriting, advertising, content marketing, and direct response copywriting, I've honed the ability to quickly understand audiences and speak in their language. This allows me to nimbly shift between playful tones for consumer brands and authoritative voices for B2B companies, always keeping readers engaged.


Behind every buzzworthy business lies an authentic, relatable story. I'm here to help tell yours in a way that sparks curiosity, kindles desire, and propels your vision forward.

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