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privileged to death

120 Americans die of opioid overdose every day. However, studies show that doctors prescribe opioids more readily to people of privilege than to anyone else. We aimed to shock the affluent out of their sense of security and convince them to manage their risk.

Campaign created for The One Show Young Ones Competition 2018.

Lenticular OOH

On the same billboard, one message is displayed to viewers from street level, while another is targeted to people on the penthouse level.


Designer Addict Collection

We partnered up with high-end brands to create a luxury opioid lifestyle line. Upon checkout, a message will highlight the privileged shopper’s increased risk.

Overdose Valet

Mobile app

We created a $1,000 Apple Watch app that functions as a life-saving medical alert system specifically designed for the privileged opioid addict. Through monitoring the user’s pulse and heart rate, it detects when the user is experiencing an overdose. When triggered, the app promptly alerts an UberLux to take the user to the nearest emergency room, offering a truly first class overdose experience.


Fashion Show

During New York Fashion week, the campaign partnered with iconic designer Sarah Burton to host our very own fashion show. The models stumbled down the runway, displaying telltale signs of heroin abuse: track marks and facial scabs. The show culminated with a model collapsing at the end of the runway, as a close-up camera shot of her arm read, ‘’


NBA Courtside Takeover

There are 124 courtside seats at arenas such as the Staples Center, roughly the same number of daily opioid overdose deaths in America. We will buy out these seats and leave them vacant during the entirety of a regular season NBA game. During halftime, we will project graves on each of the vacant seats while a message is projected onto the court and jumbotron.



During Opioid Awareness Week, September 16-22, we ran a special Forbes edition that profiled 50 people of privilege under the age of 50 who were lost to opioid overdose in 2018.

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