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Burrow’s modular furniture adapts to change with a moment’s notice. Just simply add or subtract seats. So whether it’s a party, a date or just you chilling, Burrow is ready for anything at the last minute. That’s why we created Burrow+. All the last minute fun you couldn’t have before is now at your fingertips.

Once you unbox your Burrow couch, you unlock all the last minute fun. You're connected to the exclusive service, Burrow+, which lives on your devices via the app. Just redeem the code on your welcome letter.


There's no need to plan ahead for a last minute party. Burrow+ connects you to a 24-hour service line that delivers on demand seat rentals. Add or subtract seats for guests with no need for storage. 


You can wait till the last minute and still get great deals on local events. Link your Google Calendar and social media to the app. You will be alerted for any last minute events.


Take a fun trip at the last minute and get a great deal. When you sync your calendar with the app, you'll receive text alerts for flight deals with only 24 hours notice.


If you need a place to stay at the last minute, Burrow has you covered. Use the app to find a fellow Burrow owner near you who has a couch that you can crash on. 

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