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You Can Handle It

We all know that everything you touch has been touched by someone else. Gross.

But what can you do, go through life not touching anything? C’mon.

Whether it’s handrails, door handles, or merchandise, it’s all meant to be touched. With your hands.


We created a campaign to playfully encourage people to relearn how to touch things. Because though germs are unavoidable, with Purell, you can handle it.

Ambient Print

To get people to relearn touch, we knew we needed to grab their attention. So we placed overt messages in ambient locations where we knew we’d be, heard. We made it clear that anybody can face germs head on, because Purell would take care of the dirty work afterwards.


Purell "Faux-cet"

We get that nobody wants to touch anything in a public restroom. But with Purell on your side, you can handle it! So we rigged an automatic faucet with a special message to remind people that they don’t need to be afraid to touch things.


"Touch Fails"

Using Purell’s Instagram account, we curated Touch Fail Instastories to emphasize the extreme and ridiculous lengths people go through to avoid germs, and how inconvenient (and potentially dangerous) failing to touch can be.

Product Extension

In the spirit of putting our money where our mouth is, we created a line of free Purell swag - stress balls in the shape of different items that we want people to touch fearlessly.

stress ball_final.jpg
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